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Start Your New Year With a Fresh Coat of Paint


Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’re feeling that New Years itch to organize, transform, and re-invent yourself you might want to consider refreshing your interior for a brand new look.

According to HGTV’s David Bromstad we shouldn’t be intimidated by color. Color can add vibrancy to any room. Check out the HGTV Color Collection.

Although picking a color can seem like a long and tedious process, first consider the look you’re trying to achieve. Grays can give you that classic look, while blues induce a serene and relaxing environment. If you’re after a more natural look consider greens, and neutral tones. While neutral tones may seem bland they’re often a great color to work off of.

If you’re hesitate about picking the perfect color, ask an expert. Some interior designers or painting companies offer color consultations. Even if you’re thinking about painting yourself, sometimes its helps to pick the brain of professionals who understand your vision.

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