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How to Pick the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color


The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

So you’ve decided to have your kitchen cabinets refinished for a fresher look, great! Now where to begin choosing the paint color. This is where I found myself in the fall of 2016. My husband and I had moved into a newer home, with beautiful dark alder wood cabinets, but our house was small and it was soooo dark! After many years of looking at blogs, Pinterest, and Google searches. These essential questions I asked myself helped me determine the right color for my kitchen.

1. What type of feel do you want your kitchen to have? Open, airy, crisp, will lean toward lighter colors with a higher LVR. LVR in short, is how much a paint reflects light. The higher the number the higher the light bounces off it. 

If you’re looking for warmth, there’s many rich colors that can ad an inviting feel into the kitchen, many earth tones, or bolder colors have been used although if looking for something that will hold over time, we suggest a classic white. With so many to choose from you’ll likely be able to find one that fits your goals.

Hint: One of our favorites is Silo’s by Magnolia. Silos is a slightly warm off white, with very little yellow in it. The picture to the left was a kitchen cabinet refinishing project we did in Silos. 

​2. Consider the Style of the Rest of Your House
If your house is a farmhouse style, you may lean towards a more crisper white, whereas if it we’re more cottage a more creamier white would work with darker islands to play up that feel. At the end of the day I wanted to have the kitchen to feel connected to the rest of the house.

3. What does you paint color look like in all light?

I have found that just when you find the right paint color, you bring it home only to figure out it looks terrible in the other lights in your space. Ugh! Back to square one. 

When my husband comes home and says “honey pick a paint color” there’s two things I do to make the process easier. No 1. I Google Images of my paint color in kitchens. This will quickly give me a feel for dimension. No 2. I go to my favorite blogger for advice. Kylie M Interiors.

Hope this help you in your own quest to find that perfect paint color!

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