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Cabinet painting is the process of applying paint to kitchen cabinets. Paint over time softens, and can crack or peel. Cabinet refinishing is the process of sanding down, and restoring wood to its best surface. Once sanded, a sealer will be applied to seal the grain, which allows the lacquer to adhere to the cabinets. The lacquer is formulated to hold moisture and is best used in places such as kitchens and bathrooms.

We use a pre-catalyzed lacquer that provides a long-term flexible finish, that allows the wood to breath and move overtime as the wood expands and contracts. Unlike lacquer, paint is a thicker product that provides less flexibility, that overtime can crack with frequent movement.

The finish style, the number of doors, the amount of time required to sand, refinish or prepare the wood. Solid color finishes like white, require a different amounts of time then more intricate projects such as Antiquing, Glazing, Staining.

First, we’ll want to understand what you’re looking for, and we’re you’re at in your project. We’re here to answer questions whether you’re in the planning phase, or you’re ready to start your project.

We’ll schedule onsite estimate, provide a written estimate within 1-2 business days. If approved projects can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks from start to finish. We refinish all cabinetry in our shop. The base of the cabinets will be sprayed prior to re-installing the cabinet doors.

The most popular colors requested are solid color finishes. Whites are timeless option. Many of our customers have chosen Silos by Magnolia, Benjamin Moore, Simply White, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Any paint color chosen can be made and applied into a lacquer finish.

Yes, any paint color can be formulated into a lacquer finish. Look through any paint color deck to find the color you want or if you need help picking a finish, we can make some suggestions based on your project.

Aftercare for Cabinet Refinishing is simple, we recommend a damp washcloth with water to wipe down cabinetry.